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Heel To Toes

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Description:"I love to strip. It's very sensual and kind of dirty to know that you shouldn't be getting naked, but you are, and people are watching. I especially love it when I have on hose because it's like you're naked, but you still have on clothes. And the feel of the nylon while it's coming off and on is so sexual. That's why I always have to masturbate when I'm in hose. The gusset rubs on my clit all day and it gets all damp with my musky juices and then I have to cum. It's practically an addiction."

Duration:1:15 Added:2014-05-24 Views:105

Categories:Clit, Naked, Pantyhose

Tags:getting, love, strip, sexual, gets, toes, cum, people, masturbate, dirty, nylon, naked, addiction, clit, coming, rubs, juices, sensual, watching, kind

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