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Naughty Little Sis

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Description:Amai Liu is home alone when her older brother's best friend comes a callin' to visit him. She invites him in to wait, then takes him upstairs to her parents' bedroom and comes clean... her brother won't be home for a couple of hours; she's had a crush on her visitor for ages, and she wants to sample his cock because she's heard that he makes all his girlfriends happy in the sack. No guy would refuse his buddy's little sis, so, next thing, she's sucking his cock and then spreading her legs to test his sexual skills first hand. She soon finds out that what she's heard her brother talking about is all true.

Duration:1:15 Added:2013-12-02 Views:11781

Categories:Hardcore, Brother, Couple

Tags:first, couple, takes, guy, sexual, little, cock, makes, sucking, friend, clean, naughty, happy, legs, talking, spreading, true, wants, home, test

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